Knitting resources

Many people came to the shop for help, so here are the best knitting resources I know of:

Ravelry –  Sure you can find patterns and help on the forums at Ravelry, but the best thing is that you can find photos of how the patterns knit up and how they look on REAL people, not just posed models.

TECHknitter –  I have no idea who this genius blogger is, but I am eternally in her/his debt.  There are things explained on this blog better than in any book in my library.

Arenda Holladay’s list of knitting tips – A very complete list of knitting tips.

YouTube/knittinghelp and – Video help for beginners or people who just need a reminder on how to do a SSK.

YouTube – Arenda Holladay’s channel – The head Master Knitter shows us how it’s done.  She goes into depth on the details that many books skip over.

YouTube – Suzanne Bryan’s channel – Another real Master Knitter showing the best techniques.  Not sure how to weave in ends?  She’ll show you.



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